Coco Fuzion 100 has become the latest business to become a Commercial Partner of the Club.

Fuzion 100 is absorbed by the body more quickly than water, quenching thirst and providing energy. Just one can provides the same hydration as a litre of water and various health benefits, including an increase in metabolism, proper muscle contraction, improved mental focus and physical performance. Containing naturally occurring, highly-hydrating electrolytes, and no added sugar or preservatives. The 330ml still bottles are perfect for the sports industry.

Steve Barton, CEO at C7 Brands Ltd commented:

“We are delighted to have signed a commercial partnership with Huddersfield Town Football Club The team compete in the Premier League, the highest tier of English football and this is an excellent opportunity to have the team on board and reach out to their supporters and viewers, expanding the Fuzion footprint.

Of course, it is not just about being seen with the product, it is also about how the product can benefit everyone, and we believe through our partnership with Huddersfield Town this will be truly powerful. We look forward to partnering with and supporting Huddersfield Town.”

Huddersfield Town, Commercial Director, Sean Jarvis commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Fuzion 100 as the official rehydration partner of Huddersfield Town. Their impressive team of ambassadors is hard to ignore and are proud to be a part of this.

“This partnership is a massive benefit to the squad and I’ve no doubt that supporters will get behind and us in welcoming Fuzion 100”.