‘She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings’

Graceys story

Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to come across someone who’s love for life outshines any injustice that fate has dealt them. This is certainly what we found in Gracey.

A short time ago we were contacted by Gracey’s mum, the local stores around her had sold out of the Fuzion 100 sparkling product and she was desperate to find some for her daughter. She explained that due to an illness her diet had become incredibly restrictive and the product’s natural content allowed a relative ‘treat’ without the sugars and toxins that she was forced to avoid.

Of course we were keen to help and agreed to send the family a healthy supply of the drinks and in doing so had the pleasure of meeting Gracey. The illness auto immune disease covers a huge spectrum and consequently very little is known about what day to day life can be like for those suffering with it. So we asked Gracey to tell us for herself and allow us to spread her message in the hope of helping others.

Auto immune disease is vast! It covers several illnesses most of which are very common but people are not aware of the suffering it can cause. They struggle in silence because they are embarrassed to tell people how their disease is affecting them. 

I have always had psoriasis, it’s never really affected my lifestyle, sometimes I’d have a few itchy patches on my arms and legs which people would ask about but it did not bother me. After being ill this year with tonsillitis and then chicken pox my psoriasis has developed into a rarer and more aggressive form of psoriasis called Guttate. It covers my entire body and face. The obvious problems it causes me are pain and soreness. It burns every day, I have trouble sleeping, washing and even just sitting down because my legs are so raw. I cannot use any regular beauty or cosmetic products at all. I am limited to natural products like washing with pure coconut oil. As well as the pain and discomfort, it has affected my lifestyle. I’ve had to completely change my diet and have to avoid acidic foods and drinks (which is most things!) and ensure I take better care of my body with regular exercise. 

Lastly, it massively knocked my confidence. I love wearing makeup and doing my hair and feeling glamorous, all very vain I know, but I took pride in my appearance. Now I cannot cover my imperfections anymore, my skin is too sore. I have come to terms with how I look now as there are people far worse off than me in this world. It is not how I see myself that is the problem but how others see me. 

Good or bad I get asked constantly what is wrong with me. And the bad can be very cruel, some people point and laugh, some customers have told me they do not want to deal with me as they do not want to catch “the plague” as some have called it. I have been told I look gross and why do I not cover it so others do not have to look. 

Although I sound like I feel sorry for myself I honestly do not. It has been a tough time accepting how I look and the changes I have been forced to make to my life, but I want to help raise awareness for those who share the same disease and other similar sufferers”. 

Gracey, it was a pleasure to meet you! Your incredible strength and smile have certainly inspired and touched all of us. Thank you!

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.