We need to restore electrolytes to re-balance the gating mechanisms and allow efficient and effective fluid uptake by the cells. Feeding cells with COCOFUZION100 will provide proper cellular hydration and will promote a number of HEALTH BENEFITS:

  • Lubrication of joints and muscles
  • Protects the linings of eyes, nose and lungs
  • Mental focus
  • Nervous system function
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Proper muscle contraction
  • Physical performance
  • Faster hydration

  • Coconut Water Is Naturally Low In Fat And Carbohydrates But Rich In Vitamins, Minerals, And Phytonutrients That Are Ideal For Human Health

    Natural SUGARS

    The sugars in coconut water are naturally occurring and present in the perfect quantities to aid hydration and rehydration. COCOFUZION100 is not calorie free but it is low in calories – approximately a fifth of other fruit juice – and an awesome replacement for any regular, sugar-sweetened sports drinks

    Natural VITAMINS

    COCOFUZION100 is abundant in natural vitamins (especially the B vitamins), minerals, and trace elements, including zinc, selenium, iodine, sulphur, and manganese). It also contains amino acids, organic acids, enzymes and antioxidants


    COCOFUZION100 naturally contains the right balance of five essential electrolytes the body loses during exercise: Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Chloride

    Sodium (NA)

    An essential element for life. Sodium ions are used in proportion to potassium ions to allow build up of electrostatic charge on membranes which allows transmission of nerve impulses. It’s homeostasis is vital to normal physiological functions of cells

    Potassium (K)

    Necessary for the function of all living cells and employs electrical potentials in cells, especially nervous tissues. Potassium depletion results in neurological dysfunctions

    Magnesium (MG)

    Over 300 enzymes require the presence of magnesium ions for their catalytic action. Low levels in the body have been associated with the development of illnesses such as asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis

    Calcium (CA)

    Aids in exocytosis, especially neurotransmitter release and muscle contraction. In the electrical conduction system of the heart, calcium replaces sodium as the mineral that depolarizes the cell, proliferating the action potential

    Chloride (CI)

    The human body needs chloride for its metabolism (the process of turning food into energy) while helping keep the body’s acid-base balance. The right amount of chloride in the blood is necessary for maintenance of osmotic pressure in the tissues